Reader Testimonials for “Feng Shui, Craps, and Superstition”
a book written by Dr. Wilfrido M. Sy

Feng Shui, Craps and Superstitions

“If you are a Feng Shuist or Crapshooter, or both, this book is for you. If you are vaguely familiar with either subject, this is an excellent primer. The author cleverly wed the intricate ancient Eastern art and belief of a modern Western American invention of game of chance. Here the twains indeed meet!” ~ Donald J. Trump

I found your book very refreshing because it was not like so many of the other books about craps.
Dana Roueche, Craps Enthusiast, 4/9/2008

“… I have since read your book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it to be very thought provoking and wanted to respond to you. I found your book very refreshing because it was not like so many of the other books about craps. I don’t need to read about craps fundamentals, instead, I’d rather read and think about higher level phenomenon that goes on around the craps table. At this point, I certainly understand the mechanics of craps, the math behind the game and an extensive repertoire of strategies for playing both with and against the dice. What I have always found fascinating about the game and what I am most curious about is the human behavior aspect which I find extremely colorful. Your book has given me a lot to think about. I have always been captivated by people’s open superstitions at the craps table. I have learned from your book that I have been actually grouping superstition along with belief systems. I have no idea how many people understand Feng Shui or Chi who play craps and what I have observed may be somewhat of an overlapping of superstition and a reaction to Chi, I don’t know. By reading your book and thinking back about behavior I have seen at the craps table and behavior I personally have displayed, certainly helps me understand. Your book was my first introduction to Feng Shui, Yin/Yang and Chi. Having craps as a strong foundation made it extremely easy for me to understand the concepts of Feng Shui.“

A Wonderful Christmas Gift: Reviewer is an occasional player.
A reviewer(computertech@melo.com), a computer and network specialist, 01/28/2005

A friend of mine gave me a soft cover edition of Feng Shui, Craps, and Superstitions. After finishing reading the book, I ordered myself a hardcover copy for my library. Since then the soft covered copy has made the rounds to at least two other friends. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it is funny, it is informative in many aspects of Feng Shui, craps and superstitions just as the title says.It also gives an overview of the history of craps, and modern Las Vegas. I indulge in the game occasionally, and find some parallelism with the author’s experience and mine. His take on the House is rather insightful and can come only from someone who has played the game and played it well. I find the book an easy read and rather entertaining besides learning a lot from itl I recommend it with no hesitation to anyone who plays or wants to learn the game.

It’s bad luck to be superstitious, but . . .
Steve ‘Heavy’ Haltom (axispowercraps@casino.com), Axis Power Craps Seminars, 10/23/2004

A lifetime of casino craps experience meets the Martial Way head-on in Dr. Sy’s groundbreaking book, Feng Shui,Craps and Superstitions – The Martial Arts Approach to Winning at Craps.

Do you ‘feel’ luckier in some casinos than others? Are some craps tables luckier than others? Have you ever noticed how some craps players are natural hot shooters, while others are natural coolers? Read this book and you’ll understand – it’s all about the energy.

Willy Sy is one of the great ones, folks. You absolutely MUST read this book.

-Steve ‘Heavy’ Haltom

A reviewer from Long Island,New York
A reviewer,08/25/2004

The Donald is right! I am somewhat familiar with dice having occasionally indulge in the game. Feng Shui,I have heard of ,but have not really read anything on it, this fits me in nicely into one of the 3 categories that Mr Trump described on the front page of this interesting book.I hve just finished reading it and found this book really a fascinating reading. Also I learned a lot about the superstitions of the players but was not specially familiar with what the casino employees do and belive. I do not heasitate to recommend this book since I thoughly enjoyed it. The book has a lot of other information that the author is able to connect to dice.

Doing the Dance
Nancy Horstmann, four times a year player,08/06/2004

A fun, fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable read about the mystery of Feng Shui and the craps table. I wish Dr. Sy could be my partner while I invite the good Chi into our table. If a ritual dance is what it takes, I’ll do it. Dr. Sy captured a rather old time honored gambling game and turned it into a believer for a novice.

James F. Coffin (ARMRIT@msn.com), an MRI Educator and Consultant, 07/26/200

I am new to the game of dice as played in casinos and therefore picked-up lots of pointers from this book. The author cleverly drops points after points that are useful to the player as he writes about his vast experiences. He did this without overwhelming the reader with saturated information. By the way this is not only on dice, but also on other topics such as Feng Shui which I knew nothing about. He was able to present this somewhat hard to understand topic in a very casual presentation. To me it is at least an eye-opener. A smooth easy read, I found it very funny and at the same time entertaining.

A reviewer, a hard core dice player, 07/02/2004

A thoroughly enjoyable and easy book to read and understand.The playing of dice and the excitement,comradership,and superstitions that we have all experienced is told in a delightful and insightful way.Being a player for more than 30 years ,some of my gambling ideas were confirmed while I learned about a few new hedges to improve my chances of winning.

Refreshing Addition and Unusual Insights
Patrick Kwan, a social psychologist and author, 06/25/2004

A renowned anthropologist, writing on magic, science, and religion, suggested that human beings are most likely to engage in magical beliefs and ‘religious’ rituals when the stakes are important, their control is limited, the risk is considerable, and the outcome is uncertain. FENG SHUI,CRAPS, and SUPERSTITIONS, to me, is a refreshing addition to this line of thinking. In his new publication, Wilfrido M. Sy, MD, offers unusual insights into the popular Eastern art, the Western dice game, and the universal practice. The book is delightful with its humorous accounts, and thought-provoking in its observations and reflections. I read it with much pleasure and deep interest.

Well-written, witty.easy read, and entertaining
A reviewer(highway@aol.com), retired pediatrician., 06/08/2004

Actually three elements are combined in this very entertaining book, namely feng shui, dice and superstitions surrounding the game. It is more than that, because of the author’s background some medical information germane to the subject is occasionally interspersed in the text. The narrative s are humorous and there are many examples of how a craps shooter can relate to the narratives. Excellent reading material for the summer and maybe for other seasons.