The Art World Of Wilfrido M. Sy, MD

This book covers the work of the artist from 1971-72 to 2015 and is not a compendium of his lifetime work but started when he picked up his avocation in the United States. Many major pieces have not been included because they were not available at the time window of photography. The pieces covered are many times include  vivid recollections of how the particular work came about.

He recalls how he is drawn to art at an early age which came to full bloom with his visits to many museums both national and international as well as galleries. The works are also constant reminders of his personal observations and the events or issues that he faced at the time.The images depicted to a large extent follows or parallels his own adult life in the United States.

The text is drawn from his own readings of a fairly large library of art books which he has accumulated and attendance of museum conducted talks or conversations as well as special lectures on particular subjects or artists. Incidentally his picture that looms too large is not his doing. He did not see the final version of the book before publication because of some ophthalmological issue. But in a nutshell it is informative, easy to relate to and an easy read.