“Feng Shui, Craps and Superstitions”
written by Wilfrido M. Sy , MD

“If you are a Feng Shuist or Crapshooter, or both, this book is for you. If you are vaguely familiar with either subject, this is an excellent primer. The author cleverly wed the intricate ancient Eastern art and belief of a modern Western American invention of game of chance. Here the twains indeed meet!” ~ Donald J. Trump

Feng Shui, Craps and Superstitions
Feng Shui, Craps and Superstitions ~ Wilfrido M. Sy , MD

The Eastern approach to Feng Shui practice is timeless while from the Western perspective it is timely. Feng Shui is Chinese in origin while the casino game of craps is American in design. For the first time in print, the author advocates the use of this Eastern approach to enhance the player’s chances of winning at casino craps. No book to date has addressed the influence and role of Feng Shui in craps or the subject of craps and Feng Shui together. The book has an affluence of new material heretofore not published, such as the concept of the Circle of Chi, the flow chart of Feng Shui concepts, which eventually leads to a craps table, the statistical validation of the number 7 coming out more often, after a die accidentally falls off the table, dice preset ups, medical tenets germane to the Yin and Yang concept, Feng Shui of selected casinos, and much more. The superstitions that thrive at a craps table are presented with humor and insight. Learn about Chi management that is as pivotal as money management in augmenting one’s chances of winning at craps.

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From the Author

“The preparation of this book made me look back at many a highlight of my experiences, which were etched and hoarded in the crevices of my mind for years. I thank all the friendly players whose paths, theirs and mine, temporarily crossed at the craps table, and the dealers, boxmen, casino hosts and pit bosses of various casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere who contributed and continue to make such colorful shared experiences possible. “