La Reve Apres Matisse

La Reve Apres Matisse

La Reve Apres Matisse
Image Size : 22″ Wide X 30″ High
Paper Size: 26″ wide X 35″ High
Description: Artist Proof, Signed Limited Edition with Authentication

The painting which is of oil-pastel, ink and collage is patterned after Henri Mastisse painting of Le Reve which he did in 1898. As in the original Matisse painting, the young lady is in repose, in dreamland, and wears an intricate embroidered Romanian blouse and a contrasting black skirt against a vibrant backdrop of colors. In this current collage painting the face of the young woman is rendered in somewhat softer features. The original collage measures 32” by 44”.

The current modified edition is intended by the undersigned to complement and be paired to an earlier collage titled “Le Reve After Picasso” also executed in the same style, format and with a somewhat erotic twist. Whereas in the earlier painting a pair of luscious lips were juxtaposed within kissing distance to the left cheek of the sleeping muse, in this version lifted from Matisse, the young woman is seen stoking a firm phallic like eggplant, and the pair of colorful plump tomatoes make up the rest of the love paraphernalia. The burgundy-colored eggplant is almost subtly camouflaged to its similarly colored immediate surroundings which was extant in the Matisse original. For additional camouflage an onion and stems of scallions are added in the ensemble rendering the impression that the muse is about to tackle some culinary challenge.

As was the thrust with the “Le Reve After Picasso,” this work is a celebration of the Las Vegas scene, in particular the Wynn Resort Hotel and specially the game of craps. At the bottom of the painting, an optimistic play on the name of the hotel is evident. This is taken from the hotels monthly magazine, and since it has sky-blue hue, the artist introduced the same color near the top of the painting for some balance. A partial layout of the main floor, an electronic codified room key, a used foil wrapper of dice and the facets of 6 and 5, carefully sewn off from actual pair of dice make for effective backdrop. It should be observed that the dice wrapper has an imprint of 3 and 4 in the pair of bones shown 7 being the friendliest number for the House and therefore the nemesis of all right players of the game.

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