Fish and Newspaper

Fish and Newspaper

Fish and Newspaper
Image Size : 18 ” Wide X 24 ” High
Paper Size: 22″ Wide X 30″ High
Description: Artist Proof, Signed Limited Edition with Authentication

Prior to the advent of plastic bags and other petrol-derived- wrappers, and possibly because brown bags were relatively unavailable, newspapers were used by vendors to wrap goods purchased. The use of newspapers to wrap seafood namely shrimps and fish and the likes was therefore not unusual.

This collage of newspaper and fish depict just that bygone practice in those bygone days. A touch of irony is purposely depicted in the painting in that the newspaper used is no ordinary paper, and arguably it is the best paper in the world namely the New York Times. Tabloid- sized dailies or funny pages would have been the more appropriate source of wrappings. The exact date of the collage completion was October 4, 1984 which is reflected by the publication date of the paper itself..

This 22” by 30” oil-pastel collage on Arches paper (frayed edges) gives it a unique antique patina. The scallions indirectly suggest that the fish are probably going to be steamed with scallions, ginger and black beans Cantonese-style. Fish markets in lower Manhattan, Chinatown generally include stems of scallions or an ear of ginger upon a purchase, as this is invariably used as a condiment for such cuisine.

The fish share a commonality of space as they apparently “merge” or overlap on their belly and spine surfaces respectively. Which one is atop and which one is at the bottom is not readily discernible.

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