Old Hand Quick Hand

Old Hand Quick Hand

Old Hand Quick Hand
Image Size : 22″ Wide X 30″ High
Paper Size: 26″ wide X 35″ High
Description: Artist Proof, Signed Limited Edition with Authentication


From variable aspects the playful somewhat naughty situation depicted is a study in contrast. Age and youth, for a start, between the genders is a commonly preferred theme that usually involves an elderly gentleman and a much younger lady; and very seldom the reverse. The still agile gentleman not only attempts to be young in his moves, but his sartorial outfit is also a ridiculous attempt to appear youthful and able. The vibrant jacket and polka dot bowtie satirize the chase for youth. The white dots in the tie also contrast well with the rigid red stripes of his jacket. The shear green blouse of the lady plays a fine contrast to the heavier red striped outfit of the gentleman.

Note the intent and focus of the septuagenarian as reflected in his facial features, possibly in anticipation of some delectation, and the more innocent but somewhat surprised look in the young lady’s face. While she may be anticipatory of such a move still she probably did not expect it this quickly.

Compare the warmth and live encounter of incipient togetherness of the protagonists and the colder look and feel of the backdrop of high risers, probably in Manhattan. It is also believed that the artist may have used his own right hand as a model to render the quick hand, possibly with intentional accentuation of some Heberden’s nodes as seen in osteoarthritis at this age.

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