La Reve Apres Picasso

La Reve Apres Picasso

La Reve Apres Picasso
Image Size : 22″ Wide X 30″ High
Paper Size: 26″ wide X 35″ High
Description: Artist Proof, Signed Limited Edition with Authentication

The original Le Reve by Picasso is owned by Steve Wynn currently and permanently exhibited in his gallery at the Wynn Resorts Hotel in Las Vegas.The premier issue of the WYNN magazine had this cubist masterpiece as its cover and served as the model for this particular collage painting.

The subject is a woman in dreamland, Marie Therese who was the muse of Picasso at the time; but an erotic one as illustrated by the phallic symbol which is cleverly camouflaged as the left cheek and closed eye of the muse. The artist of this collage has painted strategically a pair of luscious red lips next to the symbol, a reminder and a tribute to Monica, which is deemed as an added risqué twist.

The collage is also an ode to the Wynn Resort Hotel itself as evidenced by the diverse items culled from the artist’s first visit to the Resort. Note a few names of many of the gourmet restaurant at the Hotel, like OKADA, ALEX and BARTOLOTTA; the name Wynn is variously reflected throughout the painting, including the hotel bill, the plastic room key, the name of the magazine,(cut and pasted from the first issue), optimistically became WYNN-ER, the markers including one that was mistakenly signed and issued as $20K, airline seats and other reminders of an adult dreamland that is Las Vegas.

The theme is not only a celebration of one of Picasso’s erotic masterpieces but also an unabashed celebration of la vie en rose, as typified by Vegas.

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