Geisha Harlequin 2019

The title of the piece involves the subject of entertainment which in this case is quite discordant and easily qualifies as an oxymoron.. The Geisha as known in Japan, is an entertainer for gentlemen. It represents a person of art, trained in music, dance, song, and conversation while the harlequin usually person who performs in court of yore akin to a court jester who is at the beckon of a king. He has been popularized additionally by Picasso in some of his Cubist pieces, The harlequin is usually male and the Geisha is usually a woman. The painting underscores the presence of two opposite individuals of antithetical entertainment persuasions, opposite in gender, and one East in origin while the other West. In root. In this painting the twain indeed do meet As shown in this combine, regardless of the performers own extant feelings of the moment, the performance must go on as scheduled. The tears coming from the young Geisha’s face is obvious still she must feign a feeling of joy and happiness demanded in her routine act. The tears that she could not could not control, roll down to her harlequin outfit, but still her performance requires that curtains are raised. This tension in her feelings seems to be the subject that is reflected in this painting.

Threesome of Evil and the Showgirl 2019

A long and diverse litany of objects and words equal the title of this painting: The unusually long red tie, that becomes a fish, not an ordinary fish but a viper fish, a denizen of the deep dark chasm of the waters, where other mutant denizens thrive like the blue duopus distinct to its forebear the octopus; with a small faintly visible letter “P” that makes its eye, the three layers of sharp dentures, the word kompromat, the prominent protuberance, a favorite hamburger staple, a gold dollar sign belt buckle, a pair of slimy greedy green small hands, blue suit, a dark beard, the red and white keffiyeh held down by

an agal, a bone saw, drips of blood against a dark backdrop, coiffed hair of the orange man, and a now famous showgirl .

2019 “La Madonna del Arbol de Fuego en El Tule” and “Una Fantasia Baile del Sol y L a Lunaen el Arbol Del Tule” 2019

These tandem pieces are inspired by the El Arbol del Tule, in Oaxaca , Mexico. They are a homage to the tree of El Tule which is documented as the oldest tree in the world, a mere 2000 year old tree, which measures 42 meters in circumference which can circled by 45 persons The tree is a Montezuma cypress or ahuehuete. It had easily outgrown the small chapel built next to it when it was first planted. In the first painting “”La Madonna en el Arbol de Fuego en del Arbol del Tule”, the artist has taken a poetic license by adding a small figure to represent the Madonna in the fire tree . In the second version called “Una Fantasia Baile del Sol y La Luna en el Arbol Del Tule” is depicted the dance of the radiant Sun and a Red Moon with the sun represented a by a lady mask, The tree is sometimes referred to as The Tree of Life a deference to its amazing longevity. The tree is a valued treasure of not only the town of Santa Maria del Tule but of the entire world.