The Artist and Author

Dr. Wilfrido Sy
Dr. Wilfrido Sy

Wilfrido M. Sy is a clinical Associate Professor in Radiology at the Weill Medical School, Cornell University, Chairman Emeritus in Nuclear Medicine. He is also the Director of Magnexx MRI Imaging Center in the Brooklyn Hospital Center Campus, Brooklyn, New York. He is well published and a recognized speaker/lecturer in his specialty, in the United States and abroad. He and his wife are long time residents of New York. He is also an ex-officio member of the Commision on Accreditation for MRI School Programs.

He is an ardent Feng Shui student, having grown up in an environment where Feng Shui was practiced akin to religion. He continued to pursue this interest through the works of Too Yu, Moran, Sang and others. While not a professional player he has played craps for 37 years in and outside of Las Vegas, where he learned craps, its nuances and its superstitions.

Dr. Sy has been a long time admirer of the masters of the arts, and have created numerous creations, using pastel and collage as a medium, portraying a modern versions of cubist and fauvist style of art that are celebrated in the works of Picasso and Matisse. His passion for Feng Shui, Craps and Las Vegas are very evident in his work presented on this site. His artwork depicts an ever so evident melody of life’s elegant contrasts which cleverly mimics a similar contrast depicted on the Chinese Chi’s Yin and Yang.

As an artist, there is one word that may aptly describes his work, it is eclectic. This is in part due to the range of subject matter that he covers and the evident different styles he interchangeably uses. Painting was always a passionate avocation; he started drawing, when he was 7.