Yin Yang ArtTHE ART on this site consist of a body of work by Dr. Wilfrido Sy that span at least four decades, and topics are as diverse as any that has been published. The representative pieces are often celebratory or uplifting, but they may also be political, naughty and sometimes sad. The original art are mostly done in oil pastel, some in ink and pencil and water markers especially the decades of 70’s and 80’s.

The venue of presentation, if it’s to have a handle is contemporary; this again is in wide range. The representative pieces themselves will be available in varying dimensions, all reproduced from the original size. View the Art | Buy the Art



Feng Shui, Craps and Superstitions is culled from the author’s personal experience in playing craps at various casinos in different countries, but mostly in Las Vegas for the last 40 years. The practice of the art of FENG SHUI is incorporated in this experience. It is about the players, the casino staff, about the observers and servers, about their CHI and how all these somehow interface or interact around a craps table.
The book is available in both a hard copy and soft copy and has received a cover endorsement from Donald J. Trump, who himself is an ardent believer of FENG SHUI.
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